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3 Weeks Out Post.jpg
3 Weeks Out Post.jpg

Get Ready for the DES FUN Run!


Dighton PTO is hosting a fun, two-week FUNdraiser powered by the Booster team! Throughout the program, students will learn the power of curiosity, practice, confidence, humility, and endurance through the character theme: Sports City Worldwide. The experience is safe, fun and designed specifically for younger students. 


This year, we are hoping to raise $30,000 for School playground and outdoor improvements! So, we need your help...


  • May 6th - Registration opens for the Fun Run! The sign up is simple and instructions can be found HERE. Make one flat donation of $30 to get your child started. Parents and students are encouraged to get further pledges by sharing their donation page to friends and family on social media, through emails, and text messages. Pledges can be made by a flat donation amount (any amount) or a per lap amount. The more pledges your student gets, the more prizes they will receive from Booster! 

  • May 20 - Kick off! This is when the amazing Booster team will start visiting the school. The day will consist of an assembly to get all the students amped up for their big event! The team will continue to visit the school DAILY until the day of the event. They will show videos and talk to students during their lunch times and morning announcements, as to not interrupt their classes.

  • June 1 - THE FUN RUN IS HERE! This is the day they have been waiting for! Get excited, because they are about to have a blast!


  • Students will raise funds by getting friends and family to sponsor them with pledges. Per lap pledges will be calculated after the event, depending on how many laps your student does. Most will do 30-35 laps.

  • Students will RUN/WALK/SKIP/DANCE around the track at their own pace while the MC plays music and the Booster team, teachers, and volunteers cheer them on. This keeps the students excited and engaged, and before they know it they've done almost 2 miles!


  • Students can go as fast or as slow as they would like

  • Water stations will be set up around the track, and students can take a break whenever they choose.



  • Remember, students will be running around outside for a while. Comfortable lightweight clothes and comfortable shoes are recommended. Send them into school with layers, just incase of a cooler June day. After all, we do live in New England, and the weather has a mind of its own! (Remember the hail on Easter?)

  • A water bottle! They can keep their water bottle at a water station to use at any time throughout the event.

  • Apply sunscreen before they head off to school!

The Fun Run will take place during the earlier part of the school day so students will still have their normal lunch times and be able to catch their bus home. Parents are welcome to watch the day of the event, but are asked to stay behind the barrier lines. If you would like to volunteer to help during the event, please click HERE to sign up. In order to volunteer at any event on school grounds you must have a current CORI check on file. If you are not sure if you have a CORI on file, contact the front office to check.

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