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Get Ready for the DMS Color Run!


Dighton PTO is hosting a fun, two-week FUNdraiser powered by the Booster-thon team! Throughout the program, students will learn the power of curiosity, practice, confidence, humility, and endurance through the character theme: Sports City Worldwide. The experience is safe, fun and designed specifically for older students. 


This year, we are hoping to raise $30,000 for School outdoor improvements! So, we need your help...


  • May 6th - Registration opens for the Color Run! The sign up is simple and instructions can be found HERE. Make one flat donation of $30 to get your child started. Parents and students are encouraged to get further pledges - or even use the site to ask others to help raise the initial $30. The more pledges your student gets, the more prizes they will receive from Booster. They will also receive a bandana for the event just for registering!

  • May 20th - Kick off! This is when the amazing Booster team will start visiting the school. The day will consist of an assembly to get all the students amped up for their big event! The team will continue to visit the school daily until the day of the event. They will show videos and talk to students during their lunch times and morning announcements, as to not interrupt their classes.

  • June 1st - THE COLOR RUN IS HERE! This is the day they have been waiting for! Get excited, because they are about to have a blast!


In addition to the fun prizes students will receive from Booster, the PTO has some fun stuff for them too! If DMS students collectively raise $3,000 for the school, each student will get a pair of sunglasses to wear the day of the event, along with their bandana. So fun! If we reach $6,000 the students have a top secret surprise coming their way! In addition to the money raised prizes, if we can get 75% of DMS students registered at, every student will get a free t-shirt for the event, and will also get a Crazy Hat Day in school! Let's get registered and raise some money!


  • Students will RUN/WALK/SKIP/DANCE around the track at their own pace while the MC plays music and the Booster teams, teachers, ad volunteers cheer on the students. Periodically, they will be colorized (powdered with color) while running.

  • Teachers and Staff will throw the color! (Hey, they deserve a little fun, too!)


  • If you have a breathing condition like asthma, you can run in the color-free lane.

  • If you have light colored hair, color can stick around for a few days. Apply coconut oil or olive oil before the run to easily shake off the color.

  • Warning: Phones/cameras will get colorized. Leave inside to keep them squeaky clean.

  • Warning: Throwing water on yourself will result in a mess you do not want to clean up. (Trust us.)



  • Be ready to get messy! Wear clothes you don’t mind getting covered in color!

  • Face protection recommended. Booster will supply bandanas the students can wear over their nose and mouth. If we reach our $3,000 goal, PTO will provide sunglasses.

  • Bring a different bandana or mask if you want. But, the colored corn starch is non-toxic, so if you eat it, it’s okay.

  • A beach towel to help dust off after the run. We’ll help too. We hope to have leaf blowers!

  • Sunscreen!

  • A water bottle. Water stations will be set up for students to stop and take a break whenever they choose.



  • Cleaning stations will be provided to get you 90% back to your regular self. (Remember…leaf blowers.)

  • Parents – Cold water washes color our better than hot!

The Color Run will take place during the latter part of the school day so students can still catch their bus home.

Click HERE for frequently asked questions.

Click HERE for a list of the Color Run ingredients.

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