DATE:  6/7/2019

RE:  Field Day Monday NOTICE/UPDATES


Dear DES Families, 


We hope everyone is anticipating and gearing up for summer! We certainly are with all our exciting end of year activities, lots of fun being had in the walls and fields of DES! Speaking of which, one is coming up on Monday June 10th...FIELD DAY for grade 1-4 (a student favorite)!!


We just have a couple reminders and a notice regarding Monday:

  • Times:

    • Grades 3 & 4 from 10:00  to 11:40

    • Grades 1 & 2 from 12:30 to 2:10

  • Parking for volunteers and spectators:

    • If possible, please consider carpooling with another family to the event.

    • Please use EVERY available parking space before parking on the side of the roadways.

    • Parking will only be allowed on ONE side of the roadways and NO parking on Center street.

    • If we run out of parking on our campus, our overflow parking will be in the lot in front of Old Town Hall, if needed please go to 979 Somerset Ave. and walk over.

  • Pre-K Drop-off and Pick-up changes:

    • AM session

      • Regular Drop-off (music doors)

      • Pick-up will be at the Old Foyer doors

    • PM session

      • Drop-off will be at the Old Foyer doors

      • Regular Pick-up (music doors)  

Thank you for your participation and partnership and we hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Warm Regards,

DES Administration 


DATE:  5/6/2019

RE:  DES Important May & June Dates for Parents and Friends


Dighton Elementary School

Important Dates and Events happening at DES! 


May – June 2019



5/6 Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week!

5/7 6:30-8 pm PTO meeting in Library

5/9 Sponsored PTO lunch for staff

5/13 MCAS grade 4 Math

5/14 MCAS grade 3 Math, AND Kindergarten ( Bosco/Luongo) Post Office field trip 12-1

5/15 MCAS grade 4 Math, AND Kindergarten ( Cornell/Pittsley) Post Office field trip 12-1

5/16 MCAS grade 3 Math, AND Kindergarten ( Bellavance) Post Office field trip 12-1

5/17 MCAS Make-up Math,

5/20 MCAS Make-up Math

5/23 Grade 4 Duck Tour field trip

5/24 Tentative~ Reschedule Grade 1 Field Trip to Buttonwood Park in New Bedford

5/27 No School PK-12 Memorial Day

5/28 K Screenings 9-2

5/29 K Screenings 9-2

5/30 K Screenings 9-7

5/31 K Screenings 9-2



6/3 Grade 3 Field Trip -Hornbine School Room 20 Mason

6/4 Grade 3 Field Trip -Hornbine School  Room 24 Gustafson AND DES ART NIGHT/Spotlight Night 6-8 Spring Chorus Concert 7-8

6/5 Grade 3 Field Trip -Hornbine School Room 22 Reed

6/6 Grade 3 Field Trip -Hornbine  School Room 25 Mauer

6/7 Grade 3 Field Trip -Hornbine School Room 26  Fernandes AND Kindergarten Field Day 12:00-1:30

6/10 Third and Fourth Grade Field Day 10-11 am AND First and Second Grade Field Day 12:30-2:10pm

6/11 Grade K Ms. Luongo’s Author Tea 11:45-1:15pm

6/12 Step Up Day grades 4-8

6/13  Grade K Pittsley’s Author’s Tea 11:30-1 and Grade K Cornell’s Author’s Tea 12:30-2

6/14 Third Grade Picnic in the park AND Grade K Bellavance’s Author’s Tea 11:30-1 AND Grade K Bosco’s Author’s Tea 12:30-2

6/14 Pre-K  End of the year Celebration 5:30-7:00 in cafeteria

6/17 Grade 4 Martial Arts Demonstration

6/18 Grade 4 End of the year Celebration 2:00

6/18 End of year report cards sent home

6/19 Last day ½ day for students  (full day for staff)


Any questions please contact the main office!

Thank you!

Mrs. Dessert & Mrs. Fullen


DATE:  12/21/2018

RE:  Morning Drop Off


Morning Drop Off!

Time is of the essence! 

During morning drop off, we must close the back doors at 9:00am sharp because the staff on duty must return to their classroom immediately to support student schedules and learning. So I am reaching out to our DES community to help us support our student’s daily schedule and ask families to drop off their children between 8:40 and 8:58 no later. Any cars still in line before 8:58 will be allowed to drop off at the gym doors, those 2minutes will allow us time to get through the line. Due to the increase in drop offs, we are opening the back doors at 8:40. 


Our last bus drops off students at 8:58, therefore at 8:58 the traffic flow will change and cars will need to travel up to the main office. Once all buses have left, you may pull up to the main office and park in semi-circle and walk your children into the main office, as you will need to sign them in. 9:01 is considered tardy, please try to leave slightly earlier if you are finding that you are getting caught up in traffic. Please work with us to ensure that our students have staff in place so that our students do not miss out on their instruction.  If you have further questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday! 

Thanks so much for your support!

Mrs. Dessert

Mrs. Fullen


DATE:  8/15/2018

RE:  Final Modular Unit Plan. Dighton Elementary School 2018-2019


Dear Parent/Guardian:


I am excited to tell you that at last night's school committee meeting, both Mrs. Dessert and Mrs. Fullen presented the attached PowerPoint presentation.  We understand the angst created by the building needs at DES and your concerns for your child (ren). However, last night’s presentation was able to answer numerous questions about the configuration of DES with or without modular classrooms.  


In view of that, Mrs. Dessert and Mrs. Fullen will continue to work hard and diligently to make this an amazing year for our children. We will be monitoring this plan carefully through the first few months of school and tweaking if necessary to make sure kids are safe and in the best possible learning environment.


The school committee voted 10 to 0 to support the proposal as presented. Also in attendance at last night's school committee meeting were parents, staff members, Dighton's Town Administrator, members of the Board of Selectman and Finance Committee.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 



Dr. Azar


DATE:  7/25/2018

RE:  Meet and Greet - our new Interim Special Education Director, Mr. Robert Murray


Dear Dighton-Rehoboth Community:


Please 'Save the Date' on your calendars for Tuesday, August 7, 2018 for a 'meet and greet' in honor of our new Interim Special Education Director, Mr. Robert Murray.  We will gather in the media center at the high school beginning at 6:30 until 8:00.


Mr. Murray, along with the administrative team, will be available for a Q & A on topics of concern to our special education parents as well as our community.  We will also have a short presentation of our new special education transportation provider.


In addition, SEPAC will be in attendance to present their upcoming events, introduce their executive board and to share how their work supports our district mission and goals.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to me or your respective principal. 



Dr. Azar



DATE:  6/29/2018

RE:  Best Wishes This Summer!


Good Morning DES Families,


We wanted to take a quick moment to wish each and every one of you a fabulous summer filled with fun and memories. We are so thankful we are able to be a part of your child's life, as well as your entire family, and we thank you for all of the support you extend to us each and everyday.

We were so busy on the last day having fun and we wanted to share some of the excitement. We had such an amazing year that we decided to celebrate with a super fun themed assembly titled "Soar into Summer with Wings of Kindness" where we were able to: 

  • Do some dancing and singing with Einstein the Eagle & the Fly Girls (Main office staff). 

  • We also enjoyed some memories together via a slideshow that all the teachers helped put together. 

  • We recognized our 4th graders for all their hard work and wished them well in their travels to middle school, sharing some words of wisdom from their former teachers. 

  • We capped the day off with our community art project a "Kindness Rock Garden" (a BIG thank you to T-Scape Landscaping for donating their time and some materials for the backdrop for this project). 

  • We lined the entire school down the hallways with K-3rd graders and had 4th graders pass through the halls one last time, high-fiving and cheering them as the passed!

  • We ended the day sending the kids off with a good ol' fashioned dismissal rap. 


We will leave you with a goodbye video from the staff, and a time lapse video of our kindness project, with finished results.


Thank you again for entrusting your kids to us, they have worked hard and should enjoy a fun and relaxing summer! Sorry this is going out so late. Aspen was having difficulty with their server. 



With Warm Regards,

The Entire DES STAFF


DATE:  10/22/2017

RE:  Letter to Staff and Parents


Dear Parents and Staff,

I am extremely pleased to announce that the candidate brought forward by the Dighton Elementary Principal Search Committee, Lynn Dessert, has accepted our offer to become the principal of Dighton Elementary School.  We are deeply grateful to the fine work and the due diligence of the search committee to bring this outstanding candidate forward.  In discussing the future of D.E.S with Mrs. Dessert, it was obvious why she was the choice of the search committee.  She represents educators whom are clearly student centered.  Mrs. Dessert has an undeniable passion and determination that all students can and will learn. Coupled with Mrs. Dessert's love for learning, the knowledge and the energy to convey her vision to collaboratively work with all stakeholders makes this an extremely exciting time for our school.  Therefore, I look forward to Mrs. Dessert leading the learning at D.E.S for many years to come. With that being said, Principal Lynn Dessert will be available for a meet and greet (@the D.E.S. library) this Wednesday evening at 6:30 with a tentative start date of Monday, October 30th.  Please welcome her to our school district and to our Dighton Elementary School family.





Dr. Azar 

Date:  8/29/2017

Attention DES Families!!


We have new Arrival and Dismissal Procedures for the 2017-2018 School Year!! Please view the diagram and read below!


  • This year buses will be pulling through the one-way drive (along the front face of the building) to unload students in the morning and load students in the afternoon. (Located in yellow on the diagram)

*Please be aware that, for safety reasons, this drive will be for buses only during bus drop-off and pick-up periods. Cars will not be permitted to pass through this one-way during the following times 8:30am to 8:50am and 2:45pm to 3:15pm.

Family Transport:

This year we are shortening the walk for families!! We may ALL find this most helpful during the cold and bitter winter mornings!

  • Both drop-off and pick-up for students will occur in the gymnasium (labeled B on the diagram).

  • We are asking families to park in the middle parking lot (labeled D on the diagram), and situated between DES and DMS.

  • Please use the crosswalk to make your way to the Gymnasium double doors (these are facing and located directly across from the parking lot).

    • Gym doors will open at 8:30am for morning drop-off and close at 8:50am. After 8:50am please drive down the one way, park in one of the visitor spaces and sign your child in at the main office for late arrival.

    • Gym doors will open at 2:55pm for afternoon pick-up. Please continue to be ready with Identification in hand.


  • Please remember to come to a complete stop at all STOP signs while entering and exiting from the Center Street driveway and at our crosswalk!

  • Please remember that the Somerset Ave. exit is only an exit, as this continues to be a one way drive through. Please continue to use the Center Street entrance to enter our campus!

Thank you for your support and feedback throughout last year, and we hope that these changes help to make things more comfortable in your day to day lives! If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at (508) 669-4245.

We wish everyone a wonderful 2017-2018 school year!

Take Care,

Dr. Bonneau, Interim Principal &

Mrs. Fullen, Assistant Principal


DATE:  8/10/2017

RE:  Leadership Change at DES

Dear Parents, Guardians, Staff and Community:

As many of you know, Dr. Manchester has accepted a principal position in her hometown of Somerset.  Her last day in our district will be Friday, August 11th. We wish her all the best as she begins another chapter in her administrative career.

With that being said, I have appointed Dr. Jeanne Bonneau as our interim principal. Dr. Bonneau comes to our district with a wealth of experience. She recently served as our interim high school principal, as our interim principal at Beckwith Middle School two years ago and as our Administrator at the Dighton-Rehoboth Regional School District Pre School.  Her past experience has included serving as principal at the elementary school level. On Monday, August 14th Dr. Bonneau will officially become the interim principal.  If you have any questions please email Dr. Bonneau at:

Please note that we are forming a search committee and if you are interested in serving on the committee please email Dr. Zhou at:


In closing, I hope your summer has been a good one thus far and as always thank you for your continued support.


Dr. Azar


DATE:  8/10/2017

RE:  (No Subject)

Good Morning DES Families!


A GIANT welcome to all of our new families, whether your first child is entering Kindergarten this year or you just moved to town, we are excited to meet each and every one of you!

I hope this email finds everyone in either an exciting summer adventure or a moment of relaxation! We can not believe that August is here and the start to our year is right around the corner! While you continue to enjoy all your summer moments, we wanted to take a quick moment to send out some important information:

Class Placement & Start of School Information

-Summer mailings went out on Monday for all of grades 1-4, if you have not received a letter as of today please call the school or email me

-Some summer mailings for Kindergarten went out Tuesday and Wednesday, and our last batch of mailings will be going out this afternoon. Please be on the lookout for this letter, and if you do not receive one by Monday please call the school Tuesday, August 15th or after.


-Please make sure to check the updated bus routes on the DES website, and if you moved please update us.

-If there are any changes in bus transportation from last year (daycare arrangement, pick-up/drop-off, champions etc...), please make sure to fill out the form in the summer mailing or email information directly to by August 23rd the latest, we want to ensure there is no stress on the first day and everyone gets to where they need to go!

As September Rolls Around!

Can't wait to welcome back all of our 1st-4th grade students on Wednesday, Septemeber 6th on their first day back!

And we can't wait to meet all of our new Kindergarten students at our K Open House that same day Septemeber 6th from 10:00-11:30A.M. to prepare them for their first day of Kindergarten on Thursday, September 7th.


We will be in touch again later this month, until then enjoy each moment, be well and...



Mrs. Fullen, Assistant Principal


DATE:  7/30/2017

RE:  Departure

Dear Dighton Families,

The last four years at Dighton Elementary have been rewarding and an honor.   The children at DES have been inspiring and a reflection of the great community of Dighton that I have been lucky to serve.

I recently was offered a position in my home town and have accepted. The decision has been a very difficult one because of my love for the students and staff of Dighton Elementary. As I do believe this is the right decision for me at this time, please know it is bittersweet because of the connection I have to the community.

I would love to thank all the families for your support and for entrusting me with serving your children over the past few years. As a principal of DES, I have continued to grow as an educator and have created some lifelong memories. I will always feel a connection to the great community of Dighton.

As you already know, your children are in good hands with Mrs. Fullen and the rest of staff at DES. Dr. Azar is working with Mrs. Fullen on a plan to ensure a smooth transition at the beginning of the year.



Dr. Paula Manchester

Dighton PTO